Full Moon Transparent Balsamic Vinegar Pearls

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Dlizia offers the best transparent vinegar pearls available. The membranes are thin and easily bursts in your mouth releasing the wonderful aromas of all natural vinegar which has not been modified with any additives.

These spheres have extraordinary features that ensure the conservation of the properties of the vinegar.

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Small spheres filled with our delicious FULL MOON transparent vinegar.

Ideal to accompany dishes such as rich oysters, to finish a dessert or to add unique innovation to your own dishes.

These wonderful “pearls” with the appearance of caviar and a striking bright color, turn a rich dish into an impressive masterpiece.

They can be used both in hot and cold dishes, since their protective membrane which is derived from all natural seaweed has a great thermal stability and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 ºC.

Explosion of flavors when mixed with other ingredients and provides a unique presentation for gourmet dishes.

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Glass Jar

Net Weight

60 gr


Vinegar 80%, water 19.25%, sodium alginate E401 0.25%, thickener E1414 0.25%, calcium chloride E509 0.25%. Contains sulfites.


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