Coppa 1.2 Kg. Approx.

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Joselito’s reputation has been backed by countless references from many of the world’s top chefs as being some of the “best ham in the world”.

Joselito pigs all-natural diet contributes to the delicious tender taste of the meat and is the sole reason why it is full of so many health benefits. The meat is rich in Oleic Acid helping to reduce “bad cholesterol”. The all natural grass feed provides high levels of Vitamin E which is absorbed in the prime cuts and the meat is full of the flavonoid quercetin which is known for its high antioxidant content.

Made exclusively from free range, acorn-fed pork meat.


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Made exclusively from free range, acorn-fed pork meat. Marbled in appearance, the cut comes from the scapula, forming the top part of the loin. Salt, pepper and garlic are added before being encased. It is then duly cured/dried to ensure its stability and characteristic smell and flavor.


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1 kg approx.


Whole piece in vacuumed packages


Acorn-fed Iberian lean pork meat, sea salt, pepper and garlic


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