Our Suppliers

Pago Baldio San Carlos:

The philosophy is based on dedication, research and maintaining of the highest quality for a large production in order to obtain Premium quality-healthy products.

Being contentious with the environment is one of their priorities, which is why they protect their products as well as our fields so they are 100% natural. Not only are they strict with the quality of their products, but with the protection of the environment as well.

Their rules to obtain the highest quality and the lowest acidity are:

  • Never pick the olives which have fallen on the floor
  • Use a drip irrigation system, in order to obtain a selective fertility
  • Grind in the minutes following the harvest
  • To be very strict with hygiene in their oil mill
  • Always obtain a temperature less than 26ºC
  • Pack in an inert atmosphere with Nitrogen at a constant temperature of 16ºC
  • Only pack upon request
  • Promote Quality rather than Quantity



Knolive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in the heart of the Subbética Natural Park, a sea of ancient olive trees surrounding La Tiñosa, the highest peak in the province of Córdoba-Spain.

The harvest is carried out manually, because mechanical picking is practically impossible on such mountainous land.

Among the 900 awards that include oils of the region, particularly outstanding are the 37 awards given in consecutive years between 2001 and 2017 by the International Olive Council (IOC).


Alma teas & Herbal infusions:

A new understanding of teas and herbal infusions, with the development of their own formulas and blends packaged in biodegradable pyramids.
Excellence, quality, elegance and organic, are unique features that are transmitted through the intensity, taste and aroma. More than 40 blends in teas and herbal infusions, with different formats according to the needs of each client.
A tradition joins innovation: A pyramid-shaped silk that is made as a whole with 100% biodegradable and natural, GMO free materials. A pyramid ensures accurate weight, the correct space so leaves can expand and get as a result, a correct infusion of their components.



Half Spanish and half Italian company: two cultures based on the ancient Greek philosophy. In fact, their founding value is the Socratic “kalokagathia”: a thing cannot be truly good if it is not also beautiful, as beauty and goodness are always inseparably bound together.

You can observe it in every single detail of their products: both in the content and in the container that is: in form and in substance.


De Patricia:

Lácteos Horno Cano is a Company located in Santa Amalia. Arise as a common project among friends, a farmer, a cereal producer, a food manufacturer, and a packaging supplier. It is born with a clear objective: Creation of creams cheeses, cheese, desserts and yogurts. Everything with a presentation as a service company since their genetics is the development of different creams for the different dairies that want to start having this range of products. To date they have developed an important range of cheese creams, as well as a range of fresh and cured cheeses in formats with a spectacular presentation.


La Catedral de Navarra:

There is no greater secret to obtain a good preserve than working with excellent raw material in the field’s right from the start. La Catedral de Navarra cultivates its products near its facilities, it knows the farmers it works with and carries out a strict control of each one of the steps involved in growing their vegetables.

All the vegetables that bear the LC label have been hand-picked and are at optimum ripeness.



JOSELITO pigs roam freely through their natural habitat: the oak forest pasturelands.

Here they feed on acorns and herbs, both of which are fundamental parts of their diet.

JOSELITO pigs primarily feed on the acorns found naturally in their oak forest ecosystem, fallen from centuries-old holm oaks and cork oaks.

These acorns are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.

Therefore, JOSELITO hams & charcuteries are a very healthy food, due to their high content in oleic acid, helping to reduce “bad cholesterol” levels in human blood and to prevent cardiovascular risks.

The oak acorns also contain the flavonoid quercetin, known for its strong antioxidant properties. JOSELITO pigs also freely graze on the grass growing naturally in the pastureland.

This grass is a powerful source of protein and vitamin E, which is absorbed and stored in the prime cuts offered by JOSELITO.


Ramon Peña:

Ramón Peña has been established as a small fish and shellfish canning factory in Cambados. In few years, it become one of the most important factories in Galicia (Spain). Its philosophy of commitment with quality was the key for the success.

Nowadays, Ramon Peña continues being loyal to this philosophy: Loyalty in the choice and analysis of the best fish and shellfish, in the selection of the most skilled experts, in the choice of only the best of our raw materials and ingredients, in the greatest care of the traditional craft production and to the exclusive and original recipes. More than 90 years being loyal to a style, a tradition and a commitment with quality.

In order to reach the highest quality it is necessary to have the most advanced technology available. That is the reason why in 2015 Ramon Peña builds the current factory and was provided with the most advanced technology and production facilities. The ISO 9001, IFS and BRC certificates of quality, are the guarantee of the outstanding quality of the products. Ramon Peña makes a daily effort to take care and improve all the production details finding the best raw materials. In order to achieve this, it counts on the best purchasers and sailors, experts in the best fishing grounds and ports where can find the most delicious sardines, the tastiest squids or razor-shells.

That is the reason why the products have a limited production, because we all know that good things can only be found in small quantities.